Pre-Black Friday Sale November 21st-26th

The holiday shopping season is officially here!  Get it started right during our Pre-Black Friday Sale where everything in the shop is on sale.  November 21st-26th we've got killer deals on Surfboards, Skateboards, Snowboards, Wakeboards, & Longboards!  Everything!  Across the Board!  All Equipment, Apparel, Footwear, and Accessories.  Take advantage of low prices from the finest brands!

Apparel:  Vans, Matix, Volcom, RVCA, Hurley, Quiksilver, Billabong, Roxy, & Much More

Footwear:  Olukai, Rainbow, Sanuk, TOMS, UGG, Reef, & More

Surf:  WRV, Al Merrick, Stewart, NSP, 7S, & More

Skate:  Krooked, Real, Girl, Plan B, Creature, Almost, Chocolate, Saturday, Independent, Thunder, Venture, Bones, Spitfire, & Much More

Skate Footwear:  Vans, Lakai, DC Shoes, & More

Snow:  Burton, Ride, Capita, Union, 686, ThirtyTwo, Neff, Dakine, & More

Wake:  Liquid Force, Hyperlite, Straightline, Accurate

Longboards:  Landyachtz, Omen, Rayne, Sector 9, Cadillac, Abec 11, Cloudride, Blood Orange, Caliber, Paris, Bear, Atlas, Ronin, & Much More


Vans 2014 SK8-Hi MTE

Designed for winter, Vans has released the latest versions of its Sk8-Hi silhouette. Built from Scotchgard-treated uppers, warm fleece linings and a heat retention layer between the sockliner and outsole keep the feet warm and dry. This unique take on Vans’ iconic design also features a newly-constructed lug outsole that takes advantage of 20 years of snow boot history, infusing style and function.  Featured Colorway: Glazed Ginger

  • Premium Scotchgard-treated upper
  • Fleece Lining
  • Heat Retention Layer
  • Lug outsole



Capita Black Snowboard of Death 2015


Massacre the entire mountain with unflappable poise and supreme float when you're riding the Capita Black Snowboard of Death. Designed as a directional board with a one-inch set-back, the Black Snowboard of Death (BSOD) effortlessly planes over deep, untracked powder, especially when you consider its slightly tapered shape with its nose being 5-millimeters wider than the tail. The result is a board that shreds fresh powder without submerging, maintaining a buoyant feel in the nose that's almost impossible to sink. 

Further adding to the BSOD's all-mountain prowess, the board's Mountain FK profile gives you camber underfoot, extending 5-centimeters past the binding inserts. Camber underfoot allows for powerful edge hold and high levels of control when you're blasting down the mountain at high speeds and flying off kickers and natural features. The large rockered nose adds ridiculous float, especially when you're planing through deep powder and heavy spring snow. Additionally, the board's flat tail transitions to a smaller rockered zone, giving you a proper zone for loading up ollies and boosting off natural features without hanging up. 

Loaded with Capita's lightest, most high-tech core, the BSOD uses a Hover Core that's composed of low-density paulownia strips and poplar beams. This makes for a board that's ridiculously light and strong with excellent dampening properties. Pre-curved Carbon Boosters are strategically placed into an arched shape that counters the board's camber profile for lots of pop. Additionally, the BSOD uses an extremely fast Wax Infused Sintered Speed base, helping you tear apart the mountain without bogging down in deep snow.


Free Wheel Co.

Recently we picked up a new brand of longboarding wheel supported by Omen Longboards.  Introducing, Free Wheel Co.  These wheels have instantly made a huge impact on our wheels sales and have become a favorite in the shop and here in our local sceen.  

  • Free Agents:   Free Agents are a Square lipped wheel intended for gripping turns and sliding smoothly. The square lips provide vice- like grip, and the 80a formula is capable of gripping corners, and  provides a resilient slide which helps to maintain roll speed through turns. This wheel is ready for business!
  • Free Ballins:   Free Ballins are a round lipped wheel intended for fast freeriding and sliding. The “hubset” bearing seat combines the release of a side-set wheel with the traction of an offset wheel. The inside lip is fully supported giving the best release and hook-up at high speeds. The 78a “Money” formula for this wheel is an intuitive sliding formula that is second to none, giving you the confidence to let it hangout there.
  • Free Dumbs:   Free Dumbs are the little brother to the Free Willies. Ideal for boards with less wheel clearance i.e. double kicks or riders with less weight. Intended to make sliding easy and predictable for beginning riders and sliders. Ready to ride with a Stone Ground surface, this wheel takes the thinking out of sliding.
  • Free Willies:   Free Willies are a center-set wheel intended to win slide jams, and break records. The 78a “Gold” Formula is perfect for big and controlled slides with a precise hookup. The semi-soft urethane keeps rolling through the slide to prevent ovals and flat-spots. Center-set and 69mm tall so you can ride it both ways!



Burton Trick Pony 2015


The engineers at Burton threw the notion that powder boards should be long, stiff directional planks out the window when they created the Family Tree Trick Pony Wide Snowboard. This medium-flexing, twin-shape board slays the deep stuff in every way, from laying down surfy turns and pow butters to sending backcountry booters and big cliffs.

The flat profile helps keep it afloat in powder without making it feel squirrely on landings and provides reliable edge hold on hardpack. A twin shape lets you throw down switch tricks and a medium flex makes it stiff enough to send off jumps, yet soft enough to manuever through tight trees. Side Effects technology extends the surface area at the contact points for better planing in powder and improved grip on groomers.

A mix of different types of woods make the Super Fly II core extremely strong, yet super-lightweight, and triax glass with a Carbon-I-Beam stringer adds strength and snap without tacking on extra weight. Pro-Tips tapered nose and tail reduces swing weight, and Infinite Ride construction means this board feels the same from day 1 to day 100. It's finished off with the Sintered WFO base, which is extra-absorbent for long-lasting speed and durability.


Men's Holiday Apparel & Fashion

Need new gear or looking  for that perfect gift for the holidays?  We've got you cover!  In the past couple of weeks we have had a massive influx of men's apparel and fashion.  Jackets, crews, hoodies, flannels, henleys, raglans, pocket tees, chinos, denim, hats, beanies, 5-panels, snap backs, strap backs, and much more from these brands:  Vans, Matix, Burton, ThirtyTwo, 686, Ride, Volcom, RVCA, Hurley, Billabong, Quiksilver, and much more.

CC 05032014 Film Hironaka 21  



New 2014 Decks in from Omen Longboards

One of the most innovative and fastest growing longboard brands in the industry has done it again.  New 2014 decks for Omen Longboards have arrived.  The Mini Sugar 2.0 and Sugar Kick have quickly become best sellers and local favorites here in Charlotte.   

  • The Minisugar 2.0 has been a long time in the making. Once the Sugar was released we noticed that shorter riders wanted something to better fit their needs. The Minisugar 2.0 is that! Featuring Accelerated Rocker, Flushmounts, a Kicktail, and a 35.5 inch deck length, this boards serves the needs of shorter riders, and riders who are looking to take the board into the air.This is one of the most fun and versatile decks in the new Omen Lineup.
  • The Sugar Kick is one of the most anticipated decks on the Market. The Double Kick Sugar is a deck intended for every type of riding. The Accelerated Rocker is designed to hold onto your feet during slides and stunts, the kicktails open up the skies, and improve agility, and the 9-ply construction keeps the platform stiff enough for hill bombs. It has lots to offer, and nothing to hold back. 
  • The Barbarian is referred to as a wooden Matrix (In reference to our first carbon fiber board, the Carbon Matrix). It features a 1 inch drop, and symmetrical standing platform to provide a lower and more stable ride height. It is a great deck for commuting, sliding, and learning. The drops provides reference points to let you know where your feet are at all times. If you want the most board control possible, this is the board for you.
  • The Dropship is a brand new Drop-Through design from Omen. Featuring the same Rocker and Concave as the Legendary Airship, but in a lower and more stable platform. The accelerated Rocker keeps the Truck Mounts flat and un-wedged, but adds some deck flares at the corners of the standing platform to keep you comfortably standing inside the wheel cutouts.

wide Omen Banner


T. Rice 2014-2015 Snowboard Bindings from Union

Travis Rice is pretty much the most badass rider on the planet, which means he needs an equally badass binding capable of keeping up with him. Enter the Union T.Rice Snowboard Binding. From Alaska to Patagonia, this is the binding Travis relies on when he's hitting insane jumps and making gnarly first descents. 

The lightweight Asym S1 highback has an ergonomic design that provides a seamless boot interface for lightning-fast response. The heelcup is made with CNC machined aluminum to reduce weight while maintaining strength and stiffness, and the Stage III Atlas Duraflex baseplate makes minimal contact with your board to eliminate dead zones in the board's flex beneath your feet. 

Canted Gas Pedals in the footbed are ideal for riders with wider stances, as they align your legs in a more natural position for greater leverage and ollie power. The new Streamlined ankle strap is low-profile for maximum response and reduced weight, and the Ultra Grip toe strap is low-profile and cored-out to wrap around the front of your boot for a comfy and secure fit.





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